Selections from an American History Collection
Assembled by Peter Pappas


Lesson 2  What were the relationships, structures and functions within colonial families?      

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Tasks - Identify and Sort Information
1. Review the documents and sort into categories - primary and secondary sources
2. Review the documents and information into categories  - 
3. Draw the contents of your home pdf
4. Write a letter back to England describing life pdf
5. Compare the costs and benefits of indenture for both the servant and master.
6. Assume you are a teenager considering considering an indenture for travel to the New World. What would you do and why?
7. Assume the role of a servant and write a letter home to England describing the conditions of your life.
5. "Document My World"  Depict  your family structure and function today



Format Subject

Responsibilities of family members 

Doc 1 School Law of May 1642 Text Responsibilities of parents
Doc 20 The Well-Ordered Family    text Instruction for raising children
Doc 22 Enforcement of the literacy and catechism law text Punished for not teaching children to read
Doc 23 Responsibilities of tithingmen. text Neighbors watch out over family behavior
Doc 24 Single persons not allowed to live alone text  
Doc 26 A Puritan girls diary text Diary of 15 yr old 1675
Doc 27 Book of Manners text Proper behavior children. Defines roles with parents
Doc 26 Condemnation of Captain Underhill text Caught "praying" with neighbor's wife

Relationship master  - servant

Doc 19 Mistreatment of servant girl   text Work of servant, relationship with masters
Doc 8 Disputes between Masters / Servants Text Court record re; relationship shows mutual responsibility 
Doc 28 Discipline of apprentices text

Two examples of apprentices disciplined for bad behavior, Salem, Massachusetts, 1669

Doc 29 Indentured boy freed text  because of ill treatment by his master
Doc 30 Indenture reversed? text  Servant may end up owing the master?

Tough life in the new world

Doc 2 "Forefathers' Song” Text Conditions and production
Doc 3 letter from Thomas Dudley Text Struggle in NE
Doc 11 Letter from Colonist Pond   Text letter home to parents struggle in the new world
Doc 33 The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Image 1 image  
Doc 34 The Landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth  image 2 image  

Family economics - production, possessions, work

Doc 5 Women and spinning image family production
Doc 6 Estate of Will Wright Text Contents of home
Doc 7 Possessions by Categories Text Overview of inventories
Doc 4 The Mason Children Painting   image children and formal dress
Doc 9 Workday Schedule of Francis Pepper  text Daily activities
Doc 10 Occupational Distribution  text how they made a living
Doc 31 Pilgrim Dress image  
Doc 32 John Alden's Letter image  
Doc 35 Fireplace interior photo Fireplace and Colonial Utensils in Washington's Headquarters ( OK to use as an image?)

The physical environment

Doc 13 “Hall and Parlor” style house diagram Layout and size of home
Doc 17 Town map - town and farm lots pdf  map Layout of community
Doc 18 Puritan Towns and Villages   text Geography of settlement patterns in NE
 Doc 16 NE Migration Map pdf  map  shows locations and movement of population
Doc 21 Fireplace cooking utensils pdf image   
Doc 25 Old homes -choose from among 4 surveys contemporary photos and diagrams House 1    house 2   House 3   House 4
Doc 30 The Allyn House    


 Doc 12 Age distribution 1650 and today exl graph Demographics by age and gender  -comparison to today
Doc 14 First Marriages in Plymouth  pdf table demographics ( needs to be simplified) 
Doc 15 Size of Households pdf table demographics


Selections from an American History Collection
Assembled by Peter Pappas

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