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Report Cards, Surveys and Inventories
Developed by Peter Pappas
These report cards, surveys and inventories have been developed to  establish priority areas, identify specific goals and benchmarks, gauge progress and direct efforts and resources.  For other publications click here

They are available in pdf format. To download Adobe Acrobat reader click here.

School Report Card: I developed this graphic layout for K-5 report cards based on input from teachers, administrators and parents. 
Sample cards: K, 1-2, 3-5, special area

School Effectiveness Survey: I developed this graphic layout to display district-level data based on the Snapshot Survey of School Effectiveness Factors from: What Works in Schools: Translating Research into Action  By Robert J. Marzano, ASCD, 2003

Faculty Technology Use Snap Shot Survey: Better align professional development with teacher needs. This is a short form that's posted online. Teachers take the survey prior to a professional development workshop. It allows us to better gauge collective needs and to differentiate instruction. Here's sample results of a survey taken by group of middle school teachers. 

Faculty Technology Use Survey long form gathers baseline data on a broad array of technology questions.

Student Technology Use:  from MultiMedia Schools.  It  details how I've used online self-assessments with students as a means to differentiate instruction.  

Parent Involvement Survey: This survey  provides useful data on parent involvement at a number of levels - communications, attending school events, participating in school events, participating in school decision-making. 

Grading Policy Survey is an example of how the web can be used gather and evaluate information. This survey was sent to sample of high school counselors to assist in a review of grade and class rank policy. (You're welcome to try out the survey - itís a demonstration version)

Curriculum Inventory: This instrument allows teams of teachers to evaluate their programs and make recommendations for improvement.


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