First Presidential Debate – Obama, Romney, Lehrer Word Clouds

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I enjoyed watching the first 2012 Presidential debates. Here’s three word clouds – from President Obama, Governor Romney and debate moderator, Jim Lehrer.

Each word cloud represents the 30 most frequently used words, with the frequency represented by font size. For all three, I removed names and titles from consideration (examples: President Obama, Governor Romney, Jim, Mr. etc). When the term “president” was use to refer to the office, it remained in the count.  Interesting that “47” never turned up.

President Obama

Governor Romney

Jim Lehrer

Transcript source: Washington Post
Word Cloud generation:

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Romney vs. Obama Wordle Smackdown

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Here’s text visualizations of the Romney and Obama speeches to their conventions. Interesting comparison of the top twenty words in each speech as represented in a word cloud.

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Wordle: Obama’s State of the Union 2012

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Obama SOTU 2012 featured

This Wordle Word Cloud features the 100 most frequently used words from the full text of U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2012 State of the Union address. Look carefully and you’ll see “education.”

If you want to analyze word use in all the State of the Union addresses, there’s a great tool at “State of the Union.” Image below is from JFK’s 1961 SOTU.

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How to Use Web 2.0 to Teach Literacy Strategies to Struggling Readers

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We’ll focus on three core skill areas central to the Common Core standards – defining, summarizing and comparing using my guide to “18 Strategies for Struggling Readers.” Plus I’ll introduce some great websites that they can use with the strategies – the new digital literacy meets the old text literacy.

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How To Quantify Culture? Explore 500 Billion Published Words With Google’s Books Ngram Viewer

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My “how-to” for using Google’s “Books Ngram Viewer” – a free online research tool that allows you to quickly analyze the frequency of 500 billion names, words and phrases as they appeared in the digitized books contained in scanned books published between 1500 and 2008 in English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese and Russian.

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Turn Your Students into Data-Driven Decision Makers

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How is your educational technology being used? Teacher in front of the class lecturing on the smartboard? Here’s a guide to a free web tool that gives students the tools to analyze, evaluate and create as professionals do.

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Top 100 Tech Tools for Teaching and Learning

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Nearly 300 educators from around the globe rate their top ed tech tools for 2009. Here’s the results. Good news, most are web based and free. Links provided.

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87 Free Web 2.0 Projects For the K-12 Classroom

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The book is organized by K-12 grade level and has curated links to all the web resources utilized. Each project includes a teacher-friendly “how to” with benefits, challenges, management tips, sample screen shots / links and learning outcomes.

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The “Simpsons” Debate the Role of Social Media and Cell Phones In the Classroom

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simpsons mobile featured

The latest episode of “The Simpsons” (Oct 5, 2009) nicely satirizes the debate over social media in the classroom. Much of the debate over the role of technology in the classroom is clouded by stereotypes of Luddites vs. Techies. What’s often missed is the point that it’s not about the technology, but the level thinking that technology can support.

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Motivating Students – A Make and Take Workshop for Teachers

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Most of our time over the two days will be spent assisting teachers in designing specific lessons. I’ve assembled some Literacy Strategies that teachers can use as starting points for modify their existing lessons. Includes free downloads of literacy activities and links to online Web 2.0 literacy sites.

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