Free Multicultural Alaska History Series

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Alaska SeriesI just finished teaching Alaskan Studies at University of Alaska Southeast's MAT program in Juneau. My course was teamed with a Multicultural Ed class in the first three weeks of the on-campus session. We took a PBL approach and our cohort of 37 MAT students did a terrific job researching and designing six regional iBooks as models of culturally responsive teaching. More on their assignment here.

I'm proud to announce that the Multicultural Alaska series is now available free at iTunes. 
Alaska’s West Coast- Thriving on the Tundra 
Arctic Alaska Life at the Top of the World
An Outsider View of Interior Alaska 
Southwest Alaska- Where the Sea Breaks its Back 
From Silt to Salt- Southcentral Alaska  
Southeast Alaska- Close to Nature's Heart

Each iBook begins with a regional overview focussed on the intersection of three factors - natural environment, the human environment, and the cultural expressions unique to the indigenous people of the respective region. Six-member teams collaborated on each overview and then each student designed a culturally-responsive lesson in their content area focused on that region. The iBooks are filled with interactive elements and extensive source material from Juneau's newly opened Alaska State Library, Archives and Museum (SLAM).  

Don't have a Apple device? Download our books free as static PDF files.
Alaska’s West Coast- Thriving on the Tundra 2.5 MB
Arctic Alaska Life at the Top of the World 3.7 MB
An Outsider View of Interior Alaska 3.1 MB
Southwest Alaska- Where the Sea Breaks its Back 3.6M
From Silt to Salt- Southcentral Alaska 2.1 MB
Southeast Alaska- Close to Nature's Heart 2.2 MB

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Anti-Vietnam War Imagery: Visual Literacy

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How can images/language usage help us understand the goals of a movement or group? This question is explored in the context of the Vietnam War.

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Examining the Ongoing Evolution of American Government

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Survey how US policy evolved from Reagan through Obama. This DBQ compares changing domestic policy and reaction to it.

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Regulation Through the Years: Women’s Rights DBQ

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Critically read the following documents keeping in mind the evolving mentality and arguments of people regarding abortion and birth control. When reading each document think about the similarities and differences between each generation.

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Founding Fathers and Mothers: Comparing Declarations

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The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of the United States of America. The Seneca Falls Convention was one of the founding events of the American Feminist movement. In this lesson, students will compare the Declaration of Independence and the Seneca Falls Convention’s “Declaration of Sentiments.”

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American Popular Music Responds to Pearl Harbor

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Here’s a DBQ collection of songs that came out in the months following Pearl Harbor. Listen and compare their messages about war and the Japanese.

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Leo Frank: Anti-Semitism, Class Warfare, Media Hysteria

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This student-designed DBQ uses multimedia primary sources to explore the 1915 trial and lynching of Leo Frank. A case study in media hysteria

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Mitch McConnell Flunks US History

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The central argument being raised by Republican Senators who refuse to even consider President Obama’s nomination of Merrick B. Garland to the Supreme Court is “Let the people have a voice.” So I have to keep Mitch after class to review how the Founding Fathers designed the Supreme Court

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Strange Fruit: Media Coverage of the Waco Horror

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Student designed interactive DBQ explores the media coverage of the 1916 lynching of Jesse Washington, a 17 year old African American man from Waco, Texas – one of the most heinous acts of government sanctioned mob “justice” in American society.

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Uprooted: Russell Lee FSA Photo Exhibit

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During the forced removal and incarceration of Japanese Americans, some 33,000 Nikkei left concentration camps to work as seasonal farm laborers, often in the sugar beet industry. UPROOTED introduces their story. This traveling exhibit features a selection of images from federal photographer Russell Lee’s documentation of farm labor camps in Oregon and Idaho. Through Lee’s photographs, new research, and firsthand accounts from farm laborers themselves, the exhibit uncovers the rarely told story of life in the camps.

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