The Rise of e-Reading: Infographic Profile

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A recent report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project entitled The Rise of e-Reading details the profile of the e-reader and contrasts that profile with readers of printed books.

"The rise of e-books in American culture is part of a larger story about a shift from printed to digital material. Using a broader definition of e-content in a survey ending in December 2011, some 43% of Americans age 16 and older say they have either read an e-book in the past year or have read other long-form content such as magazines, journals, and news articles in digital format on an e-book reader, tablet computer, regular computer, or cell phone.

Those who have taken the plunge into reading e-books stand out in almost every way from other kinds of readers. Foremost, they are relatively avid readers of books in all formats: 88% of those who read e-books in the past 12 months also read printed books. Compared with other book readers, they read more books. They read more frequently for a host of reasons: for pleasure, for research, for current events, and for work or school. They are also more likely than others to have bought their most recent book, rather than borrowed it, and they are more likely than others to say they prefer to purchase books in general, often starting their search online." More

Here's an infographic representation of the report.

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Using iBooks Author: A Video How To

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homefront demo featured

Here a great how-to video which explains using iBooks Author to make and and sell a multi-touch iBook for iPad. Plus links to my resource collection “Publishing with iBooks Author”

For years, I’ve posted pdf versions of my lessons and made them available for free. Here’s some screenshots of a document based question (DBQ) I’m working on that explores the American Homefront in WWII. I’ve download iBooks Author and I think it’s time to turn some of my PDF lessons into iBooks. Apple’s new authoring program, certainly lowers the barrier for doing that. I look forward to the day when a student asks a teacher if it’s OK to turn in that project as an iBook.

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Building a Better Mouse [Trap] the Student Innovation Contest

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Winners of the third annual UIST Student Innovation Contest (SIC) have been announced. Student teams were given a new Microsoft TouchMouse and provided with a pre-release of the TouchMouse API. The goal of the contest was to innovate new interactions on state-of-the-art hardware. Here’s three videos of some of the winners.

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SmartPhone – Dumb School

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The school workstation doesn’t “know” students as well as their smartphone does. Their mobile carries a wealth of information that’s important to them. And the school computer doesn’t do “place” at all. That’s a stark contrast to students’ mobiles, which geo-browse via the growing number of locational apps and geo-tagged information stream.

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The Inconvenient Truth About Textbooks

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I just went to the iTunes App Store, and in one impulsive click, downloaded Al Gore’s companion app to his book “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.” It’s an immersive learning environment that begs the question – $4.99 iPad app or $49 textbook? Watch this video and you decide.

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iPad 2 – A Triumph of Capitalism Over Communism

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Final exam: Study these two images, and discuss how capitalism’s capacity to supply consumer goods triumphed over the chronic shortages of communism. Extra credit: Speculate on how Angry Birds might have impacted the “domino theory” of the Cold War.

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Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Top Down or Bottom Up?

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Corporate music, publishing and film were transformed from below. Do we expect education to be spared the forces of the digital revolution? Unlike the vanishing local newspaper, schools won’t disappear entirely. After all, someone has to watch the kids. While it may be difficult to replace the custodial function of schools, I suspect that education’s “top-down” approach will eventually be breached. Or perhaps life will just become an “open book test” and we’ll no longer notice how our information moves through it.

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Jobs, You Evil Genius! I – Must – Have – iPad 2!

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Jobs – stop messing with my head. I’ve lived this long without an iPad. Why do I suddenly feel a growing obsession to get one?

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Classroom Collaboration and Brainstorming with Prezi Meeting

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If you're a reader of my blog, you know that I'm a big fan of Prezi, the non-linear presentation tool. Prezi has just announced a new feature – Prezi Meeting which allows multiple users to remotely collaborate on the same Prezi screen. Imagine your students mind-mapping in real time on Prezi's "limitless whiteboard."  Note: Team […]

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Will iPad Replace the Textbook?

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This video tour of new magazine apps shows the iPad’s potential for merging purposeful art direction with meaningful academic content. Add the ability for teacher- and student-created content with in-class social networking and you have education’s killer app.

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