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Mock Trials for the Classroom
Developed by Peter Pappas
I've found that mock trials embody critical thinking in the classroom. Over the years I wrote a number of cases which proved to be effective tools for improving student analytic skills. I used these cases with high school students who prepared all the roles of attorney and witness from the fact patterns below. 

Cases were argued before real attorneys / judges and juries made up of adults from the community. Years later, former students I encounter still  fondly remember the excitement and accomplishment they felt as part of law unit.  

Note: Teachers and students are invited to download the cases for use in class.  Please send me an email and let me know how the trials turn out.
Remember that all trial are fictional.

These pages require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view printable forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from Adobe and is a free download. Click here to visit the Adobe download area.

Mock Trials by Peter Pappas - All characters and incidents are fictitious.

The Vince Edwards Case: This fact pattern present the case of Vince Edwards, accused  of raping a woman he met in a bar. He claims the intercourse was consensual. 
Photo evidence pdf

The Donna Osborn Case: This fact pattern presents the case of Donna Osborn, who is accused of murdering her husband. She claims she was abused by her husband and raises justification as a defense. Experts witnesses debate the merits of "battered wife syndrome."

Rules of Evidence and Procedure: Long form | Short form

The Jack Whitmore Case: This case examines the rights of a student who appeals his expulsion for a variety of violations of dress and hair codes. A federal district court an appeal court each rule on opposite side of the case. Students now have opportunity to argue before the Supreme Court. Written by Jay Postel.


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