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Educators Review my Workshops
Over the years I've learned a great deal from the teacher evaluations of my workshops.  Teacher's are a tough audience and they offer very accurate feedback on what worked and what didn't.

I was quite pleased when one recent client took the time to type up every comment from a combined middle and high school faculty audience.

Read teacher evaluations K-5 workshop | 6-12 workshop.

From teacher evaluations of my workshops:

"If every teacher in America spent a week with this guy, we could dramatically change, for the better, the way we do business in our schools."

"Everyone raved about your sessions and I can't thank you enough for joining us for the event. I think that educators here in Toronto really enjoy listening to a fresh perspective."

“I found the information to be well researched and found myself challenging some of my old ideas.”

“Challenging the way we’ve been teaching and getting us to see total picture…”

“Gave me some ideas that would expand and enrich student thinking.”

“The most productive and effective in-service I’ve been to since I’ve been in the district.”

“The workshop was down to earth and realistic…The ideas are not pie in the sky…”

“Every teacher, aide present walked away with something new!”

"Beautiful PowerPoint presentation - matching rigor and relevance with reading strategies - smart, calm - ideas to take home."

"Great example and wonderful tools. Applicable to all disciplines."

"Best and most useful workshop I've been to..."

"Peter is an eloquent presenter. His PowerPoint had educational substance to take back to a real school environment. Presentation involved audience participation. Kept interest and attention."

"Excellent combination of theory and hands on, practical advice."

"Peter  was real, down-to-earth, and genuinely interested in his participants. He blended his philosophy with practical, take-home ideas. He provides great direction for worthwhile curriculum."  

"I've been teaching for 9 years. This is far and away the best staff development I've ever had. I learned more in two days here than in all my undergrad and grad courses combined. I've always known where I wanted to go as an educator, but didn't think it was possible to get there. Mr. Pappas has shown me the way.  The experience was not unlike Dr. Watson listening to Sherlock Holmes explain the solution to a problem. The most complex ideas were presented to me, stuff that I never would have dreamt of on my own.  Yet, after it was explained to me, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself, which is to say that his program is exceptionally rigorous, but accessible to any teacher."

"I've been at a conference  with a SS curriculum expert. It's the most fantastic thing I've ever seen in my life. Peter is amazing and better than that, all his stuff is on a website that is packed with goodies. For the conference he created a page especially geared toward the Michigan MEAP strands. If you click on any of the links it will take you to subject specific lessons that are dynamite ... countless pages of some of the best historical sources I've ever seen. Absolutely amazing...the Holy Grail / Rosetta Stone rolled into one."

"This was a great conference. It gave me many different ideas, which I hope to incorporate into my classroom. I hope that I can now use some of these ideas to further my teaching and get my students more involved."

“The Master Teacher workshop was interesting and practical.  Peter Pappas shares his philosophy, then puts you into action with one of his rigorous and relevant activities.”

“He’s a good motivator!  Two thumbs up!  A true test to empowerment.”

“Peter provides 2 days of relevant, fascinating ideas for social studies educators.”

"Peter,  I wanted to thank you once more for the outstanding conference here in Michigan last week.  I was able to take a lot away from there and have already started to try to change the way I do things in my classroom. "

"Thank you for presenting such a great workshop for our teachers. The feedback we are getting from those in attendance is excellent. They will be ready to use the ideas and information when school starts and they think everyone from the district should have been there. They were especially appreciative of the website information, new ideas and the small group active involvement." 

"Great job. I’m glad you will be working with us this summer."

"Peter, Thanks a lot. Excellent job all the way around. I think I now have the skills to give this a try, and that's what it's all about."

"Invaluable resource materials and awareness training. I thought it was one of the most worthwhile in-services I have ever attended."  

"Peter, I enjoyed your class. It gave me the inspiration to create two websites. " 

"Please present this seminar to College of Education institutions as part of their methods courses."

"You did a great job of keeping the interest of the whole group. This presentation was very relevant to us all."  

"I thought the course was very informative for people of all technical levels. Peter did an excellent job presenting this information and making the class motivated to give web design a try."

"Peter, just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your in-service yesterday.  I can certainly see why you are in the master teacher network.  Awesome job. "


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